Tips for Natural Beauty


You deserve to know what you put on your face and hair. You deserve better healthy options. You do not have to choose between beautiful YOU and healthy YOU because you deserve BOTH.

This is Dima, the blogger behind this blog. A mother and beauty blogger who will guide you to discover what is best for your health.

My Story

It all started a long time ago when I discovered my passion for all beautiful things. I enjoyed mixing ingredients in the kitchen to make my own face mask or hair mask. My mother taught me my very first DIY recipe; yogurt face mask. Since then, I have made my own whenever I can.

Just like you, I care about my loved ones; my daughters, sisters, and friends. Because of that, I am always looking for what is best for us all.

Have you ever wondered what risk your daughter will be facing if you do not educate her about hazard chemicals?

We should all follow a healthy lifestyle. We should learn how to survive in a world full of synthetic products everywhere. That is why I decided to start my blog Tips for Natural beauty; to learn and pass my knowledge to my daughters and to you.

I still buy beauty products, but now that I know what is good and what is not, I make smarter choices for the benefit of my health.

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