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I have been using henna for dying my hair for years now, and I am very glad that I did!

When I was searching for DIY hair masks, I found that henna along with other ingredients are the best natural hair treatment that you can give for your hair. Bad hair routine may cause problems to your hair.

Today, I decided to write about healthy hair routine and share DIY hair masks recipes from around the world, so let us start!

Healthy Hair Routine

1. How often should you wash your hair?

This depends mainly on your hair type and the surrounding environment. If you have normal to dry hair, you may wash your hair once or twice a week. If you have oily hair, you may need to wash it more frequently. In spring here in the Middle East, when it is windy, the air becomes full of dust and pollution particles, which will accumulate on hair, and makes it more necessary to wash hair more often.

2. What type of shampoo should I use?

I found some useful advice for you at Go Ask Alice regarding the type of shampoo you should use:

  • Change you shampoo brand every few months.
  • Eat healthy food, especially raw fruits and vegetables. Your hair is a part of your body; you need to supply it with all the nutrition it needs to keep it healthy and shiny.
  • You can add highlight to your light hair by using chamomile shampoo while henna shampoo adds reddish undertones to dark hair.
  • Avoid hot showers since hot water will make your hair dry.

3. The best technique for brushing your hair:

Start by brushing the ends to remove tangles and then take the long strokes from the roots of the hair to the ends. This will help to spread natural hair oil and thus prevent breakage.

Following those tips will definitely improve your hair quality and give you the shiny healthy looking hair you are looking for. But I like to add some natural homemade hair mask recipes, which will add more value to your hair regime.

Homemade hair masks recipes

Indian Henna for Coloring your Hair.

I have been regularly using red henna for almost 12 years now! I use it for coloring my hair, but there are several other benefits for using it. Henna has a cooling effect, which is why it had been used a long time ago for curing fever. It is the safest coloring factor for since it is chemicals-free. It leaves your hair healthy, and shiny.

To apply henna, watch this video for details:

Hair Mask Recipe for Smooth Hair.

Colombian women useAvocado to smooth their hair by combining two eggs whites (which is known for being protein-rich) with half of a mashed-up avocado, leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse. The egg is a well-known natural factor for smoothing damaged hair to restoring strength and shine to your hair. While avocado is the ultimate nourisher since it has a high concentration of vitamin E.

A South African Hair Mask Recipe for Soft Hair.

Honey is well-known humectant factor that grabs onto and holds water. You can use it for dry dull hair to restore its shiny looking. Mix one egg yolk with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. Leave the mixture on for 30 minutes then wash it thoroughly.

Mediterranean Hair Mask Recipe for Conditioning your Hair.

All you need is a small cup of olive oil, virgin olive oil is preferred, rub it in the ends and the mid-length of your hair, leave it on for two hours then shampoo as usual. You may add honey as well for better results. Note that if your scalp is oily by nature it is not necessary to apply olive oil to it, whereas dry scalp may benefit from applying a light oil to your fingers and massaging the scalp.

Hair Mask Recipe for Strong Hair

Almond oil is usually used in hair products for treating dry and damaged hair, use warm almond oil, spread it on your hair, leaves it on for 30 minutes then shampoo your hair as normal.

Hair Mask Recipe for Sun-damaged Hair

Exposing to the sun for a long time may affect your hair just like it affects your skin. Exposing your hair for the sun-rays for a long time will affect the keratin protein bonds available in your hair strands. The following hair mask helps replenish the keratin protein bonds, here is it:

Mix (½ cup honey, 1-2 tbsp olive oil and 1-2 tbsp of egg yolk) apply to your hair and leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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These are only a few of homemade hair masks that are known around the world. Do you know another hair mask recipe? Would like to share it with us? Share your recipes in the comments!

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11 Responses to Homemade Hair Mask Recipes from Around the World

  1. Allison says:

    Love these ideas for homemade hair treatments! My hair is color-treated so I am always looking for gentle ways to enhance the condition of my hair without stripping the color.
    Allison recently posted…Too Faced Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop Color Correcting Eye Shadow PrimerMy Profile

    • Dima Al Mahsiri says:

      Thanks Allison!
      Yes you are right, chemical coloring may dry your hair, whatever brand you use. You may try one of those masks, I am sure it will gently hydrate your hair.

  2. Dima Al Mahsiri says:

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Imagique says:

    Sometimes, all you need to do is head for the cupboard to look for ingredients in making homemade hair treatments.

  4. i will try your hair mask recipe for my strong hair. After let me tell how its. Thanks for sharing valuable information!
    hair straighteners recently posted…Royal Hair Straighteners: Your Ticket to Star-Like HairMy Profile

  5. Poonpo says:

    I love to read about the different things for hair . these are really very useful . thanks for sharing :)
    Poonpo recently posted…DIY Home Hair Spa TreatmentMy Profile

  6. Alanajone says:

    This is amazing tips about hair and also very useful for all. I like this topic, thanks you for sharing such a lovely post.

    Thank you…..

  7. Noorali says:

    My front and mid skin of scalp have much oil and now the pores of scalp are not opened now help me that how can i got rid of it and can recover my fallen hair….?

    • Hi Noorali,

      Oily scalp can be one cause for fallen hair. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair every other day.
      To promote hair grow you will need to promote it from the inside out. Green tea, and supplements that contains biotin have a deep impact on regrowing your hair. One of my favorites is from Zenwise Labs.
      If these did not work for you, you should visit your dermatologist to make sure there is no other health issue causing hair fall.

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