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The Beauty of Food: Using Food for Beautiful You

Being beautiful, and believing that you are beautiful, are two deferent things. Have you ever met a woman without those beauty standards that most believe in, but still felt and saw that she is beautiful? That is because a woman does not have to be the world miss universe to be beautiful, she needs to take care of herself and believe that she is beautiful, that what matters most.

Beauty is how you FEEL inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is NOT something physical” – Sophia Loren

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When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful smile, a confident woman, and smart eyes. What about you? What do you see?

Moreover, because I believe that each one of you has her own beauty, I always focus on HOW to take care of your beauty naturally, because I care about your health as much I care about mine ūüôā

One of the very first e-books that I discovered when I started my blog was The Beauty of Food e-Book. I was inspired by the easy and natural remedies that Hanan, the author, shared.

She made it easier for me; by collecting lots of DIY  beauty tips, in addition to her own, into a quick and easy-to-read e-book.

For those who do not know Hanan. She is a natural beauty consultant from the Middle East, who would like to share her knowledge with other women. The idea of her book is to help you look years younger naturally. Instead of using expensive products, she explains how to get excellent results by using natural remedies you can easily get from your kitchen.

The Beauty of Food Book

Some of the topics that you will find in The Beauty of Food e-book include:

  • Foods that improve your appearance from the Inside out.
  • Ways to make facial masks at home.
  • The 50-cent Botox alternative.
  • Shiny alive skin.
  • What makes wrinkles appear on the skin?
  • Standout foods for Anti-Wrinkle/Anti-Aging beauty enhancement.
  • Secrets for hair care.
  • And more…

This book is not only about masks that you apply to your face. It is a full directory to skin care, beautiful hair, and younger look. Hanan focuses on the importance of good diet, too. She explains how certain foods can make your skin look better. The best foods in the guide are ranging from green leafy vegetables, apple cider vinegar, carrots, apples, cranberries, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and bananas. All these foods help supply skin with the essential ailments.

When talking about hair, she gives you a complete guide about how to shampoo your hair, how to brush it, masks for split ends and frizzy hair, and her own natural remedies of how to prevent hair loss.

She also discusses the number one concern for most women: wrinkles. In her book”¬†The Beauty of Food“,¬†Hanan¬†gives you pieces of ¬†advice for healthy looking skin, ways to make easy natural remedies, and foods for anti-aging beauty enhancement.

Overall, what do I think?

If you want to know how to use food for beautiful hair and skin, Hanan‚Äôs¬†“The Beauty of Food” is one of the best guides¬†that I found online for achieving this. The guide is packed from A to Z with techniques to enhance the prettiness within you. If you are currently in need of a cheaper option to your pricey creams, this guide will offer you a way out. I definitely believe that you should pick up “The Beauty of Food” and read from the beginning to the end.¬†Order it here. ( Only $7.99 for a limited time!)


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  1. Hey, this book looks really good. May be this book is one of my favorites because it’s about natural things. I will grab one copy of this. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Hira khan recently posted…7 worst things you do to your hairMy Profile

  2. That is so true! Beauty of a heart and soul is more adorable than the outer beauty!

  3. Eating right and keeping your insides good will definitely keep your outside looking good – great share.

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