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8 Powerful Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin

Are you growing tired of spending money on beauty products or treatments to enhance your skin? Beauty products are excellent at concealing poor skin condition but they won’t give you glowing skin – instead, they’ll keep you dependent on high-end products to look good. To get glowing skin naturally, there should be a consideration of internal and external factors, and yoga is therapeutic, even to your skin.

Practicing simple yoga poses every day can help remove toxins that would otherwise give you dry skin and wrinkles. Not only does practicing yoga clear the body of toxins, but it also improves circulation and oxygen intake; both of which are important for maintaining healthy skin. The following poses are ideal for working the muscles, creating balance, and giving you perfect skin.

Corpse Pose

To do the Corpse Pose, start by lying flat down on your back with the eyes closed. Still your thoughts and try to relax your body, working from each muscle to the next, to make sure every part of your body is relaxed. This should take between 10-15 minutes, but take more time if necessary. Once your body and mind are completely relaxed, your breath should follow a rhythm, and your energy levels will increase, as will circulation. Spend most of this time being completely still, and allow your energies to balance themselves.

Headstand Pose

Spread a yoga mat on the floor and take a kneeling position. Next, bring both hands to the back of your head and interlock your fingers. Strengthen your shoulders and hold the palms of your hands tightly together. From this position, place your hands on the floor with the elbows anchoring you, and try to lift your body so that you stand up straight with the toes pointing up.

It takes quite a lot of energy to hold this position but if practiced regularly, it will get easier. Hold this position for a few minutes and start lowering one leg and then raising it back up. Do this with each leg, and breathe slowly throughout.

Twisted Seated Pose

Sit down on a mat and cross your legs with both your hands stretched to one side. Gently twist your body to one side using your hands as to stretch further. Take deep breaths as you twist your body, and release the muscles as you let go. Do this on each side and hold for 10 seconds before moving to the other side.

Cobra Pose

Lie down on your stomach and put your hands flat down on your sides. Lift your upper body up using your hands and stretch your body, tilting your neck back to allow your whole spine to stretch. Hold this position for one deep breath and then fall back down. Do this repeatedly, for a few minutes. This pose will deepen your breathing to some extent and this will increase oxygen intake and circulation on your skin.

Triangle Pose

To do the Triangle Pose, stand straight up with arms spread outward and arms to your sides. Bend forward with arms facing out toward the ground, and then raise one arm high up in the air, bending your upper body to one side. Keep the other hand down, grasping onto your foot for support. Breathe slowly and deliberately when doing this pose, and try to stretch your hand high up and back, and do this on both sides.

Do this once or twice and day, in the mornings and/or evenings to unwind, build strength, and to release tension.

Shoulder Stand Pose

The shoulder stand looks very challenging but once you get into this position, it’s not difficult to hold it. It’s also great for tightening your stomach muscles, boosting collagen, and smoothing your skin. Start by lying flat on the ground on your back, and then lift your knees up so that your legs are up in the air. Put your hands firmly on your back, and press into your back to anchor your body. Lift your legs straight up in the air, and use your arms to support your weight.

This will create some tension around the back of the neck and in your shoulders. Hold for a few moments and repeat. Be careful when performing the shoulder stand, as it’s easy to lose balance.

Holding this position reduces the number of fluids in your legs, which is also a good thing. It also temporarily relieves pressure from the immune system and streamlines the digestive process. All these factors contribute to better skin. Do the Shoulder Stand Pose every day for a few minutes to improve blood flow, reduce puffiness, and to promote healthy skin.

Fish Pose

The Fish Pose stretches the front part of your body (chest, abdomen, throat, intercostal muscles) and it works the upper back muscles to improve posture and flexibility. It also strengthens respiratory health and boosts oxygen intake. Do this regularly but take all the proper precautions to make sure you don’t fall over and hurt yourself. Also, don’t get into this position immediately after a meal.

To get into the Fish pose, lie down flat on your back with hands on your sides, palms facing the floor. With your head looking up, lift up your spine so that it forms a curve on your back and use your head and elbows to support your weight. Your neck should also be lifted, with only the top of the head touching the ground for support. Hold for 5-30 seconds on each turn.

Camel Pose

The most common reason for doing the Camel Pose is to strengthen the spine, but there’s a lot more than you can gain from it. The Camel Pose is essentially a backbend that is meant to stretch the entire front part of the body and it has a ton of therapeutic effects in the body including improving the quality of your skin.

To do the Camel Pose, start from a kneeling position and lower your body backward and bend your head down facing the back. Rest your hands on your feet for support and hold this position for 30 seconds, and repeat. This will stretch your stomach, legs, arms, neck, and shoulders. It will also improve strength, tone your muscles, and strengthen your skin. Do it every day for the best results.

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